Little Dead Things LP

by Muséum

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Muséum - also known as Guillaume Coutu-Dumont, Frédéric Aubourg (Oleg Poliakov, Skat), and Gabriel Coutu-Dumont - are characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of whispering pines, spruces and larches.

Although the this mythical journey is relatively short, moods and temporal environments are of immense atmospheric importance. They are the dominant sounds over huge areas of land, most notably the boreal forests of the northern hemisphere, but also in similar cool climates in mountains further south. 

This release, has many wintertime adaptations. From the narrow conical shape of the carved-out mids, to the downward-drooping valleys of silence, these adaptations help them shed their ego. Many of these sounds eventually alter their granularity to make them more resistant to freezing, or "hardening". While lush movements have more acoustic diversity and depth, the immense moments of ambient noise represent the largest terrestrial movements of organic compounds to date. 

Guillaume discusses the origin of the project here:

“I mean - shit, making (this) album was kind of a road trip…  I started doing tracks with Fred, and then Gab asked me to help him with some tracks he had. I got more involved with his stuff - then I realized that they were in the same direction as the stuff I started with Fred. It was pieced together in between 2 studios in Berlin, Paris, Montréal over the course of almost 2 years. The guitar melodies were Gab’s baggage from probably the last 10 years…  You know those melodies that you carry around for ages…”

Yes, the travel season, when the atmospheres in the journey comes alive… are usually longer than the climatic definition of peak-time - as the plants of the boreal biome can attest to. The viscosity is often absorbed slowly, in a long incubation cycle - from 80 to 150 hours. Some sources even claim upwards of 200 hours for full-cyclical absorption.

Proceed with restraint. 


released December 7, 2015

All tracks written & produced by Guillaume Coutu-Dumont, Gabriel Coutu-Dumont and Frédéric Aubourg 

Saxophone by Sébastien Arcand Tourigny
Clarinet on Antena by Sinan
Guitars by Gabriel Coutu Dumont

Recorded and mixed @ SonnenStudio, Berlin, 2013
Photography source for album design by Fraid
Mastered by Jay Hodgson at Roofless Creations



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