Hover Drone EP

by Ferenc Stenton

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Ferenc Stenton's 'Hover Drone' is a sonic glass consisting of tonal silica, in non-crystalline form. It differs from traditional releases in that it contains no other active ingredients, which are typically added to sonics to lower the melt temperature of the tracks. All tracks on the 'Hover Drone', therefore, have high working temperatures. The optical and thermal properties of Stenton's production often create vacuums in other tonal ranges due to its purity. For these reasons, it has better ultraviolet transmission than most other releases.

The title track, 'Hover Drone', is produced by fusing high-purity tonal bursts of displaced aggression. It which consists solely of purified chords and acidic, alkaline crystals. The most dominant impurities are optically overloaded and charged with dark matter.

'605' is effected at approximately 2000 °C using either an electrically heated amplifier or a fully digital, flame-fused tube pre-amp. Fusion of this sort provides dominant effect regulation, and can be made from almost any noise signal precursor. This results in a transparent glass track with an ultra-high purity sound and improved auditory transmission in the deep ultraviolet.

For 'No Refunds', many new processes have been developed using various alternative feedback loops, which again result in a higher purity sound. With further improvement in the deep magenta field, this composition is expected to reach - or surpass - it's initial input tonality, resulting in a crushing, organic soundscape.

Lastly, 'Throw Distance' invokes the process of absolute fusion, and results in a translucent audio wave. The sounds can appear opaque owing to the presence small air bubbles trapped between the core tones. The bass content (and therefore everything club related) is determined by the choice of amplifier used on the system. Flame fused tube amplification always has higher mid, and lo-mid content due to the combination of the chordal and modal modes which fuel the furnace.



released April 20, 2015

Mastered by Beau at Ten Eight Seven / London



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